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Tattoo Removal

We offer tattoo removal treatment for Victoria, Westminster, St James, and SW1 areas of London. St James Beauty has been successfully registered with the Westminster City Council for tattoo removal treatments. We use the Lynton Laser which is highly effective at removing tattoo’s. Laser tattoo removal offers fantastic results.

This tattoo removal procedure is the safest and quickest and safest treatment for the removal of unwanted tattoos. The tattoo’s original pigmentation is effectively removed from the skin, leaving only the original skin pigmentation.

The number of treatments required to remove a tattoo may depend on the size of the tattoo and whether it is a single coloured design or a large multi-coloured tattoo. In most cases, the tattoo fades beneath the skin over the course of the tattoo removal treatment. There are no side effects and the tattoo can be removed effectively with little or no pain.

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