Financing Option


It has never been so easy to finance the treatment.

EGO Cosmetics with collaboration of Snowbird Finance plan brings you the easiest treatment plans you never heard or dreamed of. This is your opportunity to let go all phobias and be who you always wanted to be.

Interest free treatment plans are below:

Treatment Cost – £1,000.00


Term Facility Treatment Cost Patient Repayment Total repaid by Patient
6 0 % Interest Free £1,000.00 £166.68 £1,000.00
10 0 % Interest Free £1,000.09 £100.01 £1,000.09
12 0 % Interest Free £1,000.09 £83.34 £1,000.09

Beautiful you look, happier you are! With easy monthly installments you can now be more relaxed. EGO Cosmetics pledged to make the beauty industry within the grasps of people from all walks of life.

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